The meaning behind the name:
According to Philippine mythology, there once lived a tribal princess named Princess Urduja. She was a warrior who fought amongst men.
And not only was she strong, she was also very beautiful. So beautiful that in order to choose one suitor from the many, she decided that the only man who was worthy of her was a man who could defeat her in battle.
She wanted a man who was strong enough for her, who could uphold her.
However, there was no man who could match her skills and strength, and died unmarried but independent.
I feel her story encompasses my struggles as a woman in a man's world. As well as the fact that my name is in her name: Urduja


I learned you grew up living a life without kindness. And despite how damaging and useless everyone says it is, I’m still willing to stick around to show you kindness and teach you what it means.

Because this is how Christ taught me to love.

Love people, even after they betray you. Love people, even after they kill you.


I just got goosebumps listening to this and watching this video


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I shouldn’t go home.

Better yet said, I’m still probably not ready to return. I’m not ready now, nor was I ready the past two times I’ve came back.

There’s something about undertaking a journey that takes you away from where it all started, and having a need to complete that journey before…